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Working with Environment Variables in C#

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Recently I have seen quite a few posts looking for to read & set Environment variables in C#, so I thought it was time for a blog posting going over the ins and outs of this process. While the .Net Framework has classes & methods for reading and updating environment variables, namely the Environment Class...
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Five Oficial Levels of data loss grief

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I'll post this here since it's more funny than anything (thanks for the link @timheuer).

I'm sure we've all been here at least one point in our computing lives (God knows I have, actually more than once), so here are the official 5 stages of data loss:

  • Denial
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jQuery Data Linking - Coming to a plug-in near you

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Hey readers, sorry for the absence, been kind of busy lately but never fear I'm still here :)

Anyhow on to the topic of this post. Microsoft has recently made a proposal to the jQuery Project outlining data linking, properties of an object linking to one another. That would allow changes to a property on an object (Object A) to affect a...
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Apple's at it again, Section 3.1.1

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Apple has taken a stance to allow only 3 languages to be allowed to be used for writing applications for their iPhone, and I knew it was just a matter of time before they pulled something like this.

I call bullshit here! Not doing it would give Apple less than 100% control developers, which would take away from their dream of Apple...
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Handling the dreaded cross-thread Exception

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Many times when working with Threading (whether it be a Thread, BackgroundWorker or any other kind of threading) you may run into the dreaded cross-thread exception. That is because you cannot access your GUI controls from a different thread without using one of many methods. In this posting we'll be taking a look at a couple different ways of...
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