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Apple's at it again, Section 3.1.1

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Apple has taken a stance to allow only 3 languages to be allowed to be used for writing applications for their iPhone, and I knew it was just a matter of time before they pulled something like this.

I call bullshit here! Not doing it would give Apple less than 100% control developers, which would take away from their dream of Apple...
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Stand on your own two feet .... at some point...

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In my time on Dream.In.Code (and trust me I've loved it here, and wouldn't change my "home" at any time) there is something that has always bothered me. Yes at Dream.In.Code we're there to help other programmers with their issues & problems (and sometimes to even spur ideas they may now have thought about), that's not...
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Mac vs PC ... and I'm getting tired of it

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For years now I have been forced to sit through countless commercials on how much better a Mac is than a PC. Well lets look at some stuff in a rational and non-biased ways. When it comes to a Mac, everything in it is created and maintained by Apple -> OS, hardware (CPU, memory, HDD, etc) so since Apple makes it all of course it's going to...
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