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Visual Studio 2010 & C# 4.0 Released to the world

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Well as all you .Net developers out there know C# 4.0 Well .Net 4.0) and Visual Studio 2010 were released to the public today (took them long enough I might add, and with the anticipation increased by their maintenance Sunday night into Monday morning). I took the time on my little DSL line to download the 2.3GB ISO file from Microsoft, and in my...
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C# 4.0 Coming : New Features - 64-Bit Support & Background Garbage Collection

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In my first entry we looked at Named & Optional parameters, and in my second entry we looked at Parallel programming, ow in my third entry on the upcoming release of C# 4.0 we'll look at 64-Bit support and improved garbage collection.

64-Bit Operating Systems & 64-Bit Process Support...
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C# 4.0 Countdown : New Features - Parallel Programming

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EDIT: I know this was supposed (by my on mouth) been posted last night, but soome things came up and I got behind. I'll try to post one more tonight to be back on track.

In yesterdays post...
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C# 4.0 Countdown : New Features - Optional & Named Parameters

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With the release of Visual Studio 2010 & .Net 4.0 just 4 days I thought I'd do a few blog posts highlighting some of the new features of .Net 4.0. The first we will look at is optional parameters. Most believe Microsoft has added this feature as part of their plans to create a single unified .Net language.

The addition of this to the C#...
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Mac vs PC ... and I'm getting tired of it

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For years now I have been forced to sit through countless commercials on how much better a Mac is than a PC. Well lets look at some stuff in a rational and non-biased ways. When it comes to a Mac, everything in it is created and maintained by Apple -> OS, hardware (CPU, memory, HDD, etc) so since Apple makes it all of course it's going to...
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