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For Safety Sake - Parameterized Queries

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In this series we're going to be looking at ways you can protect yourself & application data from malicious attacks from outside sources. This first entry we're be looking at parameterized queries to help protect against SQL Injection attacks. So many times I see people, especially new programmers, who are using code that interacts...
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Parse an INI file with C# & P/Invoke

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Today we're going to look at parsing an INI file with Win32 API's. Now I'm sure there are thousands of ways to accomplish this task, I just prefer to use P/Invoke, it's more straightforward for me and is less complicated (in my opinion). One thing to remember is when using a Win32 API you need to release the object as soon as...
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Visual Studio 2010 & C# 4.0 Released to the world

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Well as all you .Net developers out there know C# 4.0 Well .Net 4.0) and Visual Studio 2010 were released to the public today (took them long enough I might add, and with the anticipation increased by their maintenance Sunday night into Monday morning). I took the time on my little DSL line to download the 2.3GB ISO file from Microsoft, and in my...
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C# 4.0 Coming : New Features - 64-Bit Support & Background Garbage Collection

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In my first entry we looked at Named & Optional parameters, and in my second entry we looked at Parallel programming, ow in my third entry on the upcoming release of C# 4.0 we'll look at 64-Bit support and improved garbage collection.

64-Bit Operating Systems & 64-Bit Process Support...
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C# 4.0 Countdown : New Features - Parallel Programming

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EDIT: I know this was supposed (by my on mouth) been posted last night, but soome things came up and I got behind. I'll try to post one more tonight to be back on track.

In yesterdays post...
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C# 4.0 Countdown : New Features - Optional & Named Parameters

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With the release of Visual Studio 2010 & .Net 4.0 just 4 days I thought I'd do a few blog posts highlighting some of the new features of .Net 4.0. The first we will look at is optional parameters. Most believe Microsoft has added this feature as part of their plans to create a single unified .Net language.

The addition of this to the C#...
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To Ping or Not To Ping

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Recently there was a question in the C# forum regarding creating a Ping utility so this got me to thinking about updating...
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Handling the dreaded cross-thread Exception

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Many times when working with Threading (whether it be a Thread, BackgroundWorker or any other kind of threading) you may run into the dreaded cross-thread exception. That is because you cannot access your GUI controls from a different thread without using one of many methods. In this posting we'll be taking a look at a couple different ways of...
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Fun with the Windows Recycle Bin Part I

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Recently I needed to interact with the Windows Recycle Bin for a utilities application I've been asked to create for a client, and from step 1 I knew I was in for a surprise. Since the recycle bin doesn't exactly exist...
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