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New home

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Some of you may have noticed I've slowed down with my forum leader responsibilities in the last couple months. Truth is, I've been working on moving out for the past 6 months and the day has finally come. Not only am I now a home owner, but I also am living in that home. It's a small house with 3 bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms. ...
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Eye Strain and Gunnar glasses

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I've been noticing a very annoying twitch under my right eye. I use to think it was just a stress-reaction, but I'm really not very stressed. I make it a point to keep myself fairly relaxed on a given day. A little research informed me that this can be caused due to eye strain and that it's particularly common among people who work...
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I just finished 1 massive tutorial on Singly Linked Lists. This ting is enormous, but truthfully it will probably need some heavy editing considering that I submitted it at 1am... more importantly, I'll also likely expand the hell out of it after it's up there. I always do that with my posts anyways.

Look forward to it. 500 Kudos, here...
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whois atraub

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Hey World. This blog is going to be a journal of my experiences trying to become an accomplished programmer man. It will also serve as a way to communicate some of my thoughts that are less obviously tied to programming. I feel like this would be a good time to tell you all a bit about my past, but you can read that stuff here...

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