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Internship at 2nd Solutions

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Well, all in all, my internship experience here at 2nd Solutions has been rewarding as I'm the only one in the building apparently who knows anything about programming. Well, starting out, there was some software to test, so I had to manually set up my own server (was not expecting hardware work at a programming job), but that was set up in...
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Computer Club

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Well, the school year went by quick, and this year's computer club's commin to an end. Shout out to macosxnerd101 for being my mentor all throughout the year ^_^. I'll have to fill his shoes next year as the head of java in the club. Glad to have spent the year havin sooo much fun with my fellow programmers at good ol' DRHS!
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Learning Recursion

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I've started down the path of optimization through recursion. Adjusting to the new way of thinking is taking a bit of work, but the concepts are beginning to register. Recursion is very useful for replacing loops and giving a more compact and optimized feel to your code. Though the definition of recursion is quite simple (calling a method...
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