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Today I passed my Xamarin Mobile Developer Certification exam!

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Yeah me!

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Xamarin Evolve 2016 - After conference

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Unless you have been living under a cyber rock as a developer you know that Microsoft recently purchased Xamarin, the company that makes a system for creating cross platform applications (Android, Windows, iOS) all in a single C# code source.

Then to do something really shocking, they made Xamarin free as part of Visual Studio. OH, and as if that...
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Why the quality of your forum posts matters.

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I don't want to be the grammar police.

I realize that many of our members are not native English speakers. In these situations I do my best to work through hard-to-read posts trying to determine the intent of the message or description of the problem.

But its also important to point out that your written communication skills are vital for...
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Device 'idle' isn't so idle

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Interesting observation:
I set a schedule on my router to turn off the WiFi during the day when I'm the only person here and connected via Cat6.

I know I don't have outsiders on my network.
  • Network is password protected
  • Approved devices are whitelisted by MAC address
  • ...
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Planning your project - A movie database program for example

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This post is really an excerpt from a longer conversation. But I thought this might be a good place to keep a copy.
To view the entire conversation check out this thread.
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[WPF] The member xxx is not recognized or is not accessible

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I've read several posts about how people were seeing XAML reporting that some property or event in their class couldn't be recognized or accessed.

When it was clearly present.

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Terminology - Brace versus bracket

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A few of us kind of side tracked this topic...
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Be about the code

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I just spent an hour+ writing this in response to a specific thread. When I was done I thought it might be good as a blog entry. All too often we see rookies ask a question, provide virtually no code and ask for "help" with it, but there isn't anything to help with. Then when we suggest they either need to make some effort for us...
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2014 desk arrangement - 3 monitor laptop

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Today's laptops are more powerful than top end desktops were just a couple years ago.
My HP DV7t is 8 core, 32gig RAM, 2 hard drives - Easily powerful enough for development.
But anyone who knows me, knows I'm a screen real estate pig. No problem them thanks to a couple SIIG USB3 to HDMI adapters. Now I'm rocking a three screen...
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A fix for ReSharper won't reorder and #REGION

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Anybody that has been in Visual Studio for more than a month has probably discovered that having your methods and properties all over the place, or just appending at the end of the file as you write the class, pretty much sucks. The Add-In ReSharper...

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