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[Pt 3] Payment Layout

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What? You thought that we were done with Form building? Well, sorry to let you down, but we have a few more Forms to make. Don't worry, none of them are going to be as tedious as the main form. Basically this Form...
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How interested are you?

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If you didn't know, I attempted to do this tutorial before. I had to stop because I felt like I wasn't doing it well and also barely had time. I feel that now I have a solid system so far.

The old blog is still up, and It has over 800 views (As of 9-20-16). To me that looked like a lot. I don't know if that's actually high or low....
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Summary (How it works)

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So my project was creating a sandwich builder app where the user can create/customize a sandwich and given a price when finished. The project was originally going to be done with a database to store the prices and allow price edits. If you would like to use database and create a function to edit prices, thats up to you. Its do-able without...
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Basic layout of Tutorial

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1) Code will be supplied but spoiled

2) Any objects will be underlined
EX) Now click the Button to make the PictureBox Visable

3) I will provide properties for objects in order of categories
Button Properties

4) I will be frequently putting...

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