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don't use getframeinfo

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I found another enormously slow method in Python: getframeinfo.

from inspect import getframeinfo


It's eating up 21% of my code time. I only call it 90 times in a certain program whereas some other funtions are used 5000 times. To give you an idea of how slow it is, it is 535 times slower than the...
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Update on my struggle to improve my concentration

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My attempt to improve my concentration has succeeded far more than I thought possible. I have effectively stopped interrupting myself during work to surf the internet. I can also now go 7 days without checking my email, only check the news three days a week and I even just recently went through a 72 hour period where I consumed no information...
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more testing

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don't delete me.
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Trying for the umpteenth time to improve my concentration

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Back in 2009 I read the Shallows by Nicholas Carr

That book changed my life. It's essential thesis is that the internet is distracting and the more you surf you the web, the more your ability to concentrate declines. Over the last 9 years I've been on a rollercoaster of trying to improve my...
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Predicting the time it will take to complete a task

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I've made a chart of how long it takes for me to complete each task versus how long I estimated the task would take. I have a dataset of 42 tasks. For each task, I have a specific unit test in mind that needs to be complete before I consider the task completed. Sometimes I decide to do more than what I originally intended, sometimes less. ...
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I'm in for a long hard slog

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For those unfamiliar with my blog, I'm working on building an algorithm which will determine if a natural language sentence is a contradiction or not. A contradiction, roughly speaking, is a sentence which is always false. So while 'I do not have a dog' is false it is not a contradiction because we could imagine a situation where it...
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Building a random sentence generator

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I'm trying to build a random sentence generator now. When I get that built hopefully I will finally be able to have the public contribute meaningfully to my project. I want the public to hit a button and then the machine will output 10 random sentences and state whether the sentences are consistent, contradictory or ungrammatical. Since...
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91% success rate last 34 public inputs

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There's a big difference between testing software yourself and then actually having other people use it. So the last 34 times that it has been used by others it has worked 91% of the time. I've worked on this project for 4.02 years for a total of 6881 hours, which amounts to 4.7 hours per day and 8.3 hours since Nov 12, 2017 and I can...
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Third Presentation - The Metaphysical Society of America

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So I finally got to give a presentation to someone who matters, it was at the Metaphysical Society of America's annual convention in Atlanta. I was originally not slated to speak but to only comment on someone else's speech. That person informed the president about 7 days before the meeting that he could not come. The president then...

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