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Predicting the time it will take to complete a task

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I've made a chart of how long it takes for me to complete each task versus how long I estimated the task would take. I have a dataset of 42 tasks. For each task, I have a specific unit test in mind that needs to be complete before I consider the task completed. Sometimes I decide to do more than what I originally intended, sometimes less. ...
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I'm in for a long hard slog

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For those unfamiliar with my blog, I'm working on building an algorithm which will determine if a natural language sentence is a contradiction or not. A contradiction, roughly speaking, is a sentence which is always false. So while 'I do not have a dog' is false it is not a contradiction because we could imagine a situation where it...
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Building a random sentence generator

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I'm trying to build a random sentence generator now. When I get that built hopefully I will finally be able to have the public contribute meaningfully to my project. I want the public to hit a button and then the machine will output 10 random sentences and state whether the sentences are consistent, contradictory or ungrammatical. Since...
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91% success rate last 34 public inputs

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There's a big difference between testing software yourself and then actually having other people use it. So the last 34 times that it has been used by others it has worked 91% of the time. I've worked on this project for 4.02 years for a total of 6881 hours, which amounts to 4.7 hours per day and 8.3 hours since Nov 12, 2017 and I can...
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Third Presentation - The Metaphysical Society of America

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So I finally got to give a presentation to someone who matters, it was at the Metaphysical Society of America's annual convention in Atlanta. I was originally not slated to speak but to only comment on someone else's speech. That person informed the president about 7 days before the meeting that he could not come. The president then...
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The Cyc license update

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Maybe I spoke too soon. It looks like he's got the knowledge base hidden. Maybe that's a good thing because I want to make my knowledge base freely accessible. Of course, my interests are academic not commercial. I can still do a lot of digging but as of right now, it doesn't look promising. He's got two files that are larger...
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Excitement! I got the Cyc open source license!

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I finally got the Cyc license today. This guy, Doug Lenat, has been working on programming common sense reasoning since 1984 and he finally went commercial last year. This guy is the leader in common sense reasoning. The program is written in LISP so I'll have to learn that language. I am chiefly interested to see how he hands the...
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First and Second Presentations of My Software

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I guess standing up in front of the public and making a live presentation of your software is a rite of passage for any software engineer. My first presentation did not exactly go well. It was before a philosophy club. I did not really want to do it because I knew that my software was not yet up to snuff but the department forced me to do it. ...
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The 80 hour work week: update 3

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I managed to clock in at 87 hours, smashing my previous record of 76 hours. But feeling quite exhausted so I'm not sure if this is going to be the new normal. I also managed 79 hours of coding.
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The 80 hour work week: update 2

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I now have to work 19 hours today and tomorrow in order to obtain my first 80 hour work week which is easily manageable. I might even be able to clock in at 84 hours. I also feel fresh and up beat. My last string of working each day more than 70% of the time lasted 45 days. Right now, I'm on about day 13 or so, so it should be a while...

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