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Murach's Java Programming 4th Edition

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I was recently given the opportunity to review Murach's Java Programming 4th Edition. It is part of what fueled my interest in evaluating Java for game programming. I recently finished the book and have written my review. On the whole I was happy with the book and would recommend it for anybody looking to learn Java. My review is below.
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Object-Oriented Java Tile Engine

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Iíve been continuing work on my Java tile engine. It is continuing to evolve as is my Java knowledge. Iíve been moving to an object-oriented tile engine. There is now a map class that represents a tile map and a layer class that represents a layer of the map since Iím making a layered tile engine. At the moment there are two layers: the base layer...
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Basic Java Tile Engine

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Iíve been continuing with my exploration of Java and game programming. I like Java a lot, though it will never replace my love of C# and XNA when it comes to game programming. I still get stuck in C# thinking at times and dialect. My current adventure is creating a tile engine with Java. Iím still not happy with using a Timer to control my games...
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First Java game

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I've been continuing my exploration of Java. I've come to find out I've got a bad C# accent. I guess it is due to the amount of time I've spent with C# over the past few years. I got core Java down quickly enough, being so similar to the other C-style languages and C# in particular. Now comes the daunting class of familiarizing...

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