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DS Homebrew Development - Part 3

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In my previous post I posted my proposed class design for wrapping up the horrible display list code used in libnds. It has taken a lot longer than I expected to get this class working correctly due to other projects taking precedence for a while.That said I have finished finally and it works great for the most part.

One headache I had was due...
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DS Homebrew Development - Part 2

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So after the success of my texture loading function I decided to try and load some meshes onto the DS. I already had some model loading classes I could convert to load files from the DS. First I needed to change my file loading class to use libnds' file loading library. This turned out to just be a case of changing the C++ code to straight C...
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DS Homebrew Development - Part 1

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I have made a good start to my DS development framework. The first task I decided to tackle was how to load in files from an external location on the DS card I am using (R4DS). Libnds has a way of packing the files in with the executable which is relatively easy but has a maximum of around 100kb of memory to use, in other words not very much at...
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