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Statistical Printer Assistance

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Fellow DIColytes I once again require your assistance for the purposes of data gathering. I have written a Java app (admittedly not a great one) to determine the minimum printer margins of a printer connected to your system. I'm particularly interested in data from folks where the standard paper size is A4 (i.e. printers designed for A4 paper...
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v2.14 Key Value Store as Opposed to a Database?

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This is going to be a multi-part entry with a couple of things I want to address (not in this order):
  • v2.13
  • v2.14
  • Mutex
  • Key Value Store

Version 2.13 fixed a bug that caused an error in the write offset of the database files. It didn't produce a problem if you generated a table and then simply only read from it. However, if you tried...
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Nautical Calendar

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This entry comes about as I was studying the algorithmic working of a perpetual calendar for programming purposes. On reading the relevant wikipedia article on perpetual calendars, I came to realize from this photo...
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Google Sidebar Opera Fix

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The Google sidebar was annoying me. Since I use Opera as my primary browser I figured out an easy fix for anyone who is also annoyed by the sidebar's existence.

  • Click on the drop down arrow of your search box in the upper right corner of the browser window
  • Select the "Manage Search Engines" option from the drop down menu
  • ...

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