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Android Game Programming: Calculating paths of enemy units in a TD game

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Hey guys so I have decided to start blog series where I will be talking about my experiences in Android! Today I will talking about how I calculated the path of enemy units in the game that I am creating. I would like to note that any code that post in this blog entry is still a work in progress and not all the logic bugs have been worked out...
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File sharing on the Android!?

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Today I really feel like sharing with you all one of my favorite android apps so here it goes...
I know that there a lot of people out there looking for a good app for sharing their files between them and their pc and between them and their friends on other mobile devices. Well the best app for sharing files in my opinion is SendSpace. It's...
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Dream.In.Code for Android: The Code - Custom Dialogs!

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Hello everyone today I added a new feature to DIC Mobile and I though I should share some of the code with you guys. Today im going to be sharing how to create custom dialogs!

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My Avatar / photo on profile!

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Just in case anyone was wondering if you scan my avatar / profile photo with a QR code reader it say H3R3T1C

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If anyone is interested in generating their own QR code for what ever check out http://www.racoindus...2d/qr-code.aspx
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Java Animation Studio : Feature added - Text Objects

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Hey guys I just finished adding a new feature to java animation studio called Text Objects!
I'm almost ready to release a new build of it but I first need to redo the save format!
Anyways here's a screen shot and video!
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Also just a quick note that should say rectangle not triangle in the screen shot!
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Java Animation Studio : Feature added - Show all path nodes

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hey guys i added the ability to see all the path nodes for the objects that have paths!
here is a screen shot!
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Java Animation Studio : Feature added - Grid view

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Today i added a new feature to Java Animation Studio: Grid view!
I will also be adding snap to grid options too but not right away.
Anyways here are a two screen shots:
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