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Udacity :: CS 262 - Programming Languages: A Web Browser

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I have recently found Udacity an online "university"-like site offering some online courses. I found the site via the Peter Norvig's...
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My SDL environment

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I have been playing with SDL lately and having fun with graphics programming. Now I have played with SDL in the past and always had at least a little difficulty getting up and running and so I though I would describe my current setup since it was really easy.

The key to my new found happiness was finding Stephan T. Lavavej's ...
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Commodore 64 is BACK!

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Commodore USA has released a modern replica of the classic Commodore 64 with state of the art internals!

Image reduced in size

It is being shipped with Ubuntu but is compatible with Windows if you choose. Its just a modern PC in a C64 shell. Although the plan seems to be to also provide a classic C64 emulator (although it seems that it is not done yet as...
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CHDK: Programming Photography II

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<p>This is a little test of time lapse photography using CHDK to take the pictures and ffmpeg to put together the video.</p>
<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="400" height="225" data=""...
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Vi Hart and the teaching of Mathematics

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For those of you who are not "in the know" there are a set of Mathematical Doodling videos circulating Facebook and blogs (thus) by a self proclaimed Recreational Mathematician Vi Hart.

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Christmas Book Drive goes *Viral*

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Do you know those Christmas Hyundai Commercials -- well the band from the commercials (pomplamoose) made their new Christmas album available for free to anyone who donated a book to the Richmond Book Drive which has an Amazon Wish List...
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Baby Names

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As none of you probably know I am going to be a father.

One our responsibilities is to name the child (paperwork). Going into this I was unaware of the complexities of naming a child. Ultimately coding conventions must be followed!

The "Rules" (as they have been explained to me):

#1 Kids are cruel -- ...
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Thinking outside the box: NOT!

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So here I was faced with a problem. A file on my laptop that needed to be on the computer next to me.

My plan had been to purchase a little jump drive to transfer the files. Easy.

However, due to unfamiliar surroundings and a tendency to procrastinate I didn't have the jump drive when I needed it.

Options (that came to mind):
  • ...
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Engineers Rant

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One often hears engineering students dismiss some subject with a statement such as, "I don't care about X, I'm an engineer."

X is normally the theory behind something. As a mathematics student I was often slightly offended at their dismissal of mathematics, as a CS student I often wondered what they planned on engineering where...
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Memetics: Living in the machine

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Memetics: Living in the machine

Topics: An Ether or Medium in which evolution takes place. Are humans the medium of memes, are "ideas" evolving? Humans as cells or cogs in a larger organism/machine -- just a matter of perspective. metamemes/supermemes and connotation, good/evil. Media and the spread of ideas -- serial killers, high...

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