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Fun with Boost::proto

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So I am working on a theoretical blog post on expressions based upon some of the little nuances that I have learned over the last week. Some neat stuff. In my research I came upon a neat little series of articles called "Expressive C++" by Eric Niebler...
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FLTK 1.3.0 in VS2010: Setup

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These instructions are for setting up FLTK v1.3.0 in VS2010.

I am using VS2010 Express SP1.

Warning: FLTK's interaction with VS seems to change pretty quickly between versions so if you are using a different version of FLTK I would imagine that the instructions will be slightly different.

Step 1: Download FLTK v1.3.0. ...
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CherryPy + SQLite - Lite web development with Python.

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So you want to make a little personal/single-user web-app that does not require access to the web, can be placed in a USB drive and run from PC to PC What can be done.

I decided to try my hand at this little task with a Python+CherryPy+SQLite stack. I am not going to test this on Linux today so the following is written from a windows perspective...
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Beginner Series: Finite State Machine

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Lets take a common little riddle and encode it into a little game.

The Fox, then Chicken, and Grain...
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Beginner Series: Lookup Table

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Lookup Tables

a very common pattern in programming is converting a number into some enumerated string. Like converting 1 into January, 2 into February etc. -- these kinds of problems are often done with switch statements like so:

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ios_base::xalloc and iostream

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Over the years I have written a few stream manipulators and one thing that has kind of confounded me is a way to save persistent information for each stream. Well today I found a way.

Lets take a really simple example. You would like to add line numbers your output lines. Simple enough to do with a static variable and a manipulator:

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C++ Coding Challenge #1

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Problem: Write a program that will find the largest element of an arbitrary array without using any conditional structures: banned { if/if-else/switch/for/while/do/?:-operator }

bonus: Display the array sorted from smallest to largest with the same conditions.

i.e. write the function max in this little program:

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Dynamically loading jQuery in Firebug

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Firebug's $$(selector) object is very useful in debugging. However sometimes it is nice to have the power of jQuery over firebug's default tools. For example today I wanted to do a little automation to click some elements in a page (I was tired of clicking each one manually). Or perhaps you want to refactor some HTML...
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Using jQuery and Firebug to refactor HTML

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Recently I had to refactor some HTML to format a list of DIVs. My first attempt was just to use jQuery to dynamically build the structure. This was "OK" but really the customer wanted the page to be static and was not comfortable with relieing upon jQuery to format the page (after all there are still browsers that don't support...
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Maintenance Legacy

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I have been helping a colleague with re-purposing some components from a project I did a while back and I have been struck by how difficult it is to bring someone up to speed on old code. When I wrote the code I did all kinds of documentation. I had an automated build with all of the build variables nicely setup to built the project for just about...

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