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CHDK: Programming Photography

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It is easy to get frustrated with affordable point-and-shoot cameras that lack manual controls. It can get even more frustrating when one has to hack together electronics and web-cams to do things like time-lapse photography. I have found a inexpensive way to combine my love of programming with my photographic hobby.

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Mandelbrot Song (Jonathan Coulton)

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Benoit Mandelbrot passed away on October 14th of 2010. Somehow I had missed the news of his passing. Today I was attracted to an article on Big Think because "Mandelbrot" was in the title. The first line stopped me cold.

Although I was introduced to fractals by James Gleick's "...
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Cats and Novelty

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Every holiday we buy our cats some special food in hopes that it will be a "treat" for them. And every holiday they turn their noses up at our pitiful attempts to please our masters. Cats don't really care for novelty in food. That is not to say that they don't like variety -- my cats will throw a cellblock riot if I don't...
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Arduino Microcontroller == Awsomeness

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A week or so ago (in this thread)Munawwar introduced me to Arduino. Arduino is an open source hardware and software microcontroller development platform -- and it is simply fantastic.

Now I have had microcontrollers before and found them too intimidating to really be much fun for me. I don't think there is really much difference between...
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Developer Innumeracy: The Exabytes are comming!

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Programmers have to deal with some pretty big numbers. I recently worked on a project that will have to process petabytes of data in a reasonable amount of time. A petabyte is on the magnitude of 1015...
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