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AC Adapter Plugged In, Not Charging

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Gah! :blink:

I hate...
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%hs is missing from Windows 7, & it was my idea

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A customer brings in a computer for a simple, simple request. He purchased Norton Internet Security 2012, it didn't install correctly, & he would like it removed. After taking the customers information, logging it into the system, & creating a ticket, I connect his machine & fire it up. It immediately throws a BSOD, again in safe...
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Car goes beep-beep & runs over laptop

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This friend of mine asked me if I would be interested in buying his 'not-so-gently' used laptop.

He ran it over with his car.

Sure, I'm game. Lets have a look, if it still boots then I am all in for $30 or whatever. This thing was jacked the 'ef up. The screen was shot to shit, but it did boot to the Windows desktop. ...
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Unable to query host name. ipconfig hates me.

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Along my adventures of cleaning up virus infected machines, I often times run into an issue that makes the customer very very angry with me. The issue being that I said the turnaround time is usually...

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