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Further Thoughts on Cooperative robotics

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I'm writing this partially as a personal notebook, and partially as a key-features list for a cooperative robotics project.

Processing information for a robotic community should be divided up a few different ways: first, there should be information on a personal basis, or information that a single robot needs to know that no other robot needs...
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Some thoughts on cooperative robotics

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This is a series of thoughts I've been slowly incubating lately, about the nature of several things for dynamic robotics. The organization of this is a bit haphazard, but it is organized in this way: first, a section detailing ways a cooperative system of robots (I will leave the interpretation of that word up to you: maybe it means simply...
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Cool stuff I find interesting

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Nothing fancy. This is just cool stuff that I find interesting that is relevant to programming or in some significant way related, such as things that have a lot of logical deduction involved, or things that are very exacting. I'm writing this in the hopes that some of the 155 people who have apparently viewed this will post similar things...
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Check out this awesome blog!

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Wow, look at all this cool stuff! It's got ninjas and everything!

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