2019 - 10 - 08

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I come onto this forum occasionally to check up on things. Mainly to see if the forum is still around in a day and age where Reddit is basically the go to gathering hole for programmers. But personally, I think Reddit is missing something in any of its communities, though I'm unsure what that is exactly.

I don't use this site very often...

Exporting HTML To PDF

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Exporting part of a webpage to PDF is a solved problem, but it took some digging to find the simplest solution that just worked.

Several hours of googling and trying out snippets here and there, here is the sequence that led to success:

1. html2canvas

This library worked well, but for a single div element it generates a single giant image that...

Chroot questions

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Hi, first off Im not a computer programmer or know anything about coding. I really need to be educated in lamens terms and if someone could please help me Id forever be great full. I was told by someone that Im in a chrooted environment and someone has wrecked my homestead. I was told I needed a power wash to clear the cride and maybe an...

Loading Gravity Forms From A Database

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If you are a developer that has been working with the Gravity Form plugin, you undoubtedly have run across the need to load a form based on a row from the database. Finding documentation on how exactly to go about doing this is very sparse. Unless you have reasoned it out well, you are probably pulling your hair right about now and are at a...

Design: Snake

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I saw a couple posts about the Snake game recently, and I realized that I've never actually tried to tackle this game. This post is only about design, so if that idea doesn't interest you, feel free to skip this entry.

Alright, so Snake is played on a grid of W,H where W = some width and H = some height. A snake segment is a 1x1 cell at...

Difference Between Web Applications and Mobile Applications

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There is common misconception that web applications and mobile applications are the same things. But in real, these both things are different. They are also developed and deployed different.

Difference between mobile applications and web applications are:

1. Mobile app are built for specific platforms like Apple iPhone, Android and iOS. They...

don't use getframeinfo

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I found another enormously slow method in Python: getframeinfo.

from inspect import getframeinfo


It's eating up 21% of my code time. I only call it 90 times in a certain program whereas some other funtions are used 5000 times. To give you an idea of how slow it is, it is 535 times slower than the...

ADA: Hello World

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Here we go, jumping into ADA Programming. So here is everyones favourite, Hello World in ADA.

with Ada.Text_IO;procedure Hello isbegin   Ada.Text_IO.Put_Line("Hello, world!");end Hello;

with Ada.Text_IO;use  Ada.Text_IO;procedure Hello isbegin   put("Hello, world!");end Hello;

Today I learned #1

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Dear journal,
I just discovered this blogging part of the D.I.C...
Does that count as learning?
I don't know, but that is one of the things that I learned today anyways.

That's all for now... (if we are not counting learning to work with scrum)

I'll be back at this blogging thing tomorrow.


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I am developing a hangman game using c++. here is my code so far.

a handy solution template for rosalind.info

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Readers here may have noticed that I like the rosalind.info problem set - it's got interesting problems, it's well structured, and the submission process is pretty clean.

However, it's not QUITE as clean as I'd like, so I found myself writing a little solution template to make it more convenient to solve and submit problems....

Problem 1 - The Beginning.

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Multiples of 3 and 5
Problem 1

"If we list all the natural numbers below 10 that are multiples of 3 or 5, we get 3, 5, 6 and 9. The sum of these multiples is 23.
Find the sum of all the multiples of 3 or 5 below 1000."

The Cloudy World

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As I am sipping a cup of coffee and writing this blog post on a Saturday afternoon, I keep thinking about how fast time has passed. I joined DreamInCode on May 16th, 2009, just a few months before going to college. Today, it's May 13th 2017 and these numbers make me realize how much time has passed (not to mention, make feel a bit...

The Journey Continues

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I've been super busy lately, but I managed to get started on a for fun side project titled "Martha". I am developing a Facebook bot using PHP (for now) to basically be my personal assistant;

- Google things for me
- Schedule Reminders for me
- Tell me upcoming appointments
- Save contacts to my GMAIL Contacts which will...

ASP.NET Core MVC Sniplets

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We are using ASP.NET Core MVC. It is cool but finding up-to-date information is a little tricky because it is so new. Well, not brand new, but most information available is still for earlier versions.

I tend to search for "ASP.NET MVC ..." and initially assume that it hasn't changed. (Most of it hasn't changed.)

I'm not...

Text-Based RPG Development Day #1

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Hello, welcome to the first entry into my Development blog.

I've been working on this project for a few days already and so far I have added:
  • Added Basic Inventory System
  • The First Monster (Giant Rat)
  • Currency System
  • ...

How can you change your account username

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I was just trying to see if I can change my account username or just delete my account.
My account usermane is Carson Ackerman-Clemons if I cant delete my account I would like to change it to carson 850


Batch user adding

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These are a few helpful command to add users
FYI, you need to run these in admin for it to work

Add a normal user

Add a normal user w/ password change restrictions
To set restrictions change PASSWORDCHG to yes or no
net user username password /ADD /PASSWORDCHG:Yes

[Pt 7] Eggs MessageBox

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This is going to be similar to the Cheese MessageBox Form. Create a new Form

Form (Cheese)
BackColor: Firebrick
FormBorderStyle: FixedSingle
Text: Eggs
Name: frmEggs
MaximumSize: 356, 145
MinimumSize: 356, 145
Size: 356, 145
ControlBox: False
SizeGripStyle: Hide
TopMost: True

As the Cheese MessageBox Form...

First trial - Code to exploit a bug in webpage

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I was testing a web site and found a bug, when I press CTRL+F5, it performs a previous action, say if I click submit button for forgot password, which sends a temporary password. After the confirmation that a temporary password is send to the email,I press CTRL+F5 and repeats sends the reset password again.

This is just a ameature stuff, nothing...
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