Announcement: Caffeine Lounge Etiquette

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Welcome to the Dream.In.Code Caffeine Lounge. This is the place for off-topic discussion of just about everything that doesn't fit in the other forums. We talk about music, current events, politics, movies, rants, and the occasional rave.

Think of the lounge like a large room with lots of people milling around. We want you to join the group so find a conversation, listen in for a few minutes, and then chime in. Don't run in to the room screaming at the top of your lungs. Take it slow and you'll fit right in!

Some quick things to remember
  • Reply with worthwhile, insightful comments that people will enjoy reading.

  • Start new topics, but check the first few pages to make sure it hasn't been discussed recently.

  • Don't troll topics looking for reasons to make constantly negative comments.

  • Use a spell checker (FireFox has it built in).

  • Keep it PG-13 please.

  • Have fun, we joke around and pick on each other, don't take it personally.

Common Mistakes That Will Get You in Trouble

Making a "Hi, I'm New!" thread
We have an introduce yourself forum for that. Start there, then come read some topics in the caffeine lounge to see how we do things. You'll get the feel for it.

Starting redundant threads
We are not a news service, but many of us check them frequently. Before you make a topic specifically to bring us a link, animation, or story, do a quick forum search for the URL and related keywords. If the only thing you're posting is the link, you might want to reconsider.

Plugging your personal website
This comes off rather badly if you do it too soon after joining. It is known as "site-whoring," and you will be flamed. If you want to plug your (or anyone else's) site, put a link in your sig, or wait until you are an established reg.

Starting a new thread asking why another thread was locked
PM a moderator if you really don't understand why a thread was locked. Also, do not make a thread solely for the purpose of referring to a thread that has been locked. Even if it's a joke thread, it's not funny enough to warrant it.

Failing to pay attention to grammar and spelling
Nobody here demands epic poetry from other users, but posts that are incomprehensible will most likely be misinterpreted, ignored, or flamed.

Registering alternate accounts, otherwise known as "alts"
Unless it's a terribly, terribly clever alt, expect to have it taken away. And keep in mind that if it's terribly, terribly stupid, you might be stuck with it.

Quoting the rules if you do not know them
Loudly and disruptively proclaiming a thread or post to be against the rules without being able to back up your accusation will come to no good. And even if you do know them, it's pretty annoying, wait for a mod to take care of it, or pm one and let them know.

Failing to use spoiler tags or spoiler warnings
This should be self-explanatory. If you're making a spoiler thread, include "SPOILERS" in the title. If you're posting a spoiler within an unlabeled thread, user the [*spoiler] tags.

Breaking the h-scroll
People who aren't running ridiculously high resolutions do not want to scroll to the right to read a thread. Keep pictures to a descent size. Outside of the desktop thread, it's just bad form.

Having a gigantic sig
Sigs should be no larger than 80 pixels in height and around up to 100kb in size.

Unless you've got something incredibly insightful to say and a genuine interest in continuing the discussion, don't bump old threads that have died a natural death.

How To Avoid Being a Flamed/Obliterated

Lurk for a while
Reading threads and announcements without posting will help give you an instinctive idea of what will and will not be tolerated by the forum and the mods.

Have content
If you're post contains nothing but emoticons ( :) :wub: ), internet short hand (lol, lmao, etc.), or a mixture of the two, you're doing it wrong

Be insightful
This place is full of smart people, other people who at least pretend to be smart will fit in and be recognized as such. When you've got something interesting to say, please, for all that is right in the world, say it.

Final Note
The mods and admins have final say, no matter what. And if you want to leave, don't create a thread and don't ask us to delete you're account, just don't log on anymore.