Announcement: Dream.In.Code: Finding The Topics You Started or Replied To Quicker

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Dream.In.Code has become such a large community, it can often be difficult to keep track of the topics you started, or that you were helping in. This has always been a feature, but we've exposed it a little better so you can quickly find the topics you're participating in.

At the top of every forum, there is a new set of links that say "Show Topics: You Replied To | You Started" - These links will show you just the topics you replied/started in that particular forum:

Posted Image

And under your "My Account" drop down is the "My Topics" link which will show you all topics you've ever started sorted by most recent reply:

Posted Image

And remember, anytime you see a topic marker with a little paperclip icon in the corner like this: Posted Image - It means you replied to that topic.

In future releases of Dream.In.Code, there will be a consolidated view across all forums, but please take advantage of these in the mean time. Thanks!