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On the road again.

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I began this blog to log my progress as a programmer, but I have just been so busy keeping up with my OU courses around work that I've not really had much time until recently to get into it. Fortunately things have changed, I'm nearing the end of my current OU course and that frees up a lot of time between now and October.

I have picked...
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I wanna b @ game programmer!

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Like myself when I first blundered into this amazing community, I have seen a lot of people exclaim that their newfound passion is programming games and that they want to do all of it, tomorrow, and retire early on a big pile of cash. And an awful lot of them cite the fact that they love playing games as the logical forethought towards this dream...
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End of a module.

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Well my short Game-Design course is almost finished, and what a riot it has been. My end-of-module assignment is due in on the 10th of December and I'm nearly done with the course material and am looking at the questions for the assignment and reading up on what I'll be putting into my own words soon.

For those interested a lot of the...
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So much for that. And now the new plan.

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Hey there every one, turns out that without a hat-wearing madman running Libya there is no requirement for a big grey bringer of destruction...
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I'm going to be in your Libya, stealing all your hats!

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Hey guys, girls, and all my other lovely DICers.

Long time and no see :( Unfortunately being in Her Majesties Service has taken up a significant portion of my spare time recently, and programming has taken a back burner so that what time I do have can be spent relaxing with friends and family. I have not abandoned it completely, ocassionally...
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Updates, delays, and shiney new things.

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Seeing as it has been an ice-age since I posted anything in my blog I was starting to suffer from withdrawal, so here I am :)...
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Why do I Love Programming?

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Most of my blog and project posts on the forum I have made are ended with me saying just how much I am enjoying learning to programme. Of course being a bit of a geek i saw this pattern and immediately went about seeing why it is there.

I really do love coding, at least I do so far having just taken on my first personal project( see my other blog...
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Three ways to code a simple High / Low game in Liberty BASIC

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This evening I have re-written the High low game using two other logic patterns, and changed the variables to CSel and USel, as they are more finger friendly, and for uniformity with my other pieces of beta code, here are the three versions of my High / Low game :)

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De Nada!

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Hello there to the DIC massive! I do hope that you have all been busy little code monkeys, I know I havent!

Life on a warship can be taxing on your spare time, and we have only had a couple of stops and I have been making the best of my time off to get and see the sights in Gibraltar (like a second home to me know) and Madeira ( a...
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I have just got past the 25% mark in my book, "Sams Teach Yourself Basic Programming" and I am loving it. I am going quite slowly, copying most of the book if I must be honest, but it is helping me to remember the majority of what I have covered. Finally made it to For. . . Next loops!

Anyway, I will admit that progress is a lot...

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