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Java eBooks

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Well, I just noticed that Oracle provides ebooks in ePub and mobi format for all their tutorials as seen on the Java website. If you have a device that supports reading of these formats, then this is good news. ^^

Java SE Tutorial ebooks
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PrettyPrint + Blogger Sucks, But System Rules

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Trying to formally learn the Java language now, and the first step is through The Java Tutorials provided by Oracle itself. Well, I learned what are all the primitive types and this is the first time I've encountered this method from the System object:

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Adapter Pattern in Java

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I'm starting to read up on design patterns and the first I've read up on is the Adapter pattern. This pattern allows two objects to communicate with each other even if they are not compatible. Let's see if I'll create an example correctly.

For example, we have two leading fast food franchises, namely Burger Queen, which serves...
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Monty Hall's Problem With Eating Fruits Sieved By A Mathematician

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I've been re learning Python and the hassle of the indent and Python cmd acting all funky on me I decided to do something on, so what I did is try out the PyDev thing for Eclipse Juno. Then I remembered I don't know how to make classes and objects and such as of yet in Python, so I closed the thing and got back on the cmd. I hope no...
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New to DIC?

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Well, I sometimes go to the "Introduce Yourself" portion of DIC and I have some tips for the newbies, but I can't post them again and again so I'll just put it in a blog post so I'll just link this thing!

Post starts!

Tips for New DIC Members

For those who want help...
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DIC Forgotten Threads - Is God Real?

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From this day onward I'll try to summarize some threads here in DIC, mostly closed threads. With threads being closed one after the other due to heated arguments and discussion value, it is time consuming to read through all the threads here, and to tell you the truth, most of them are amusing, and maybe you'll learn stuff about the...
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Try Something Functional!

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Well, I read and replied to a thread in the Software Development forum about learning a new language. I tried learning something before, Python, but I forgot how to use it. Anyway, I'm now trying a functional language. I don't know if this and me would get along together as it says functional programming languages evaluate computations as...
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