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Programming Practice Arena.

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I have been thinking about creating programming practice arena.

Basically in the arena there are problems you have to solve by programming. The problem is described to you and example input and output are given to you. You then code solution to the problem and test it with the example input. Once you are ready you can download the real problem...
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Donation pool idea.

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Hello Dream In Code users. I have another Project Idea to share which I will probably create as it's quite simple to program.

Donation pool
This Donation pool is a system where you pay a minimum amount donation or more to join the pool. Then this amount is shared to those who are in the pool. Basically everyones amount of cash raises every...
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Seriously unrelated to computers.

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I've lived close to horses whole of my live and every summer I have had to fix those pasture fences. So I started to think and my thinking came up with something and possibly even business idea.

Metallic fences for horse farms
We usually do these fences from wood stakes and run electricity around the pasture, but we could do this with metal...
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How I come up with project ideas!

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Hello everyone. This is my first blog post to DreamInCode. Decided to create new blog here as haven't blogged for few months after I had to give up my web host.

How I come up with project ideas!

I wan't to share with you how I come up with project ideas. I seriously have to say my head comes up with more project ideas than I could...

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