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Project Wingshot

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Although the title is very suggestive with the assignment I am working on (lost aircraft control by an aileron failure), this is far from that.

Next to doing aerospace engineering related stuff, I decided to pick up one of my old hobbies again: photography. Now, this image looks very nice (taken from my flight when I was returning from Hong Kong...
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A spiky flight less spiky

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A quick follow up to my last blog entry...
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Fasten your seatbelts, we're in for some aircraft failure

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In one of my last blog entries...
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A short glance at (Extended) Kalman filtering

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In my other blog post I mainly talked about the steps to implement a NDI controller. One of the assumptions I made there was that I had access to all states and that there was no noise in the sensors and the system (in short: I have an optimal system). So how do we overcome this? This is done by System identification.

System identification is...
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The first step to safer flight

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Hello everyone, it has been awhile since I updated this blog. Sadly enough, it is caused because I have a rather busy time. Not only am I (de)coding simulation programs at the Institute of Flight Guidance at the DLR...
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The beauty of airshows

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A quick follow up from my first post, because I finally got some time to look up my pictures of the ILA airshow of Berlin last week ago. Next to the fact that it was a perfect opportunity for me to test my new Nikon P510, it was also a chance to see one of the bigger airshows in Europe.

And of course, nothing better than roaring jet engines of a...
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First post

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Dear reader,

After long thinking I decided to make a blog to put my student life in a programming perspective. Currently I am a first year Master student in Control and Simulation in the field of Aerospace Engineering. Next to being a student, I have been on DIC for around 2 years eventually submitting some tutorials about data structures....
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