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HP Instant Ink

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is the dumbest fucking thing I have ever have the misfortune of coming across.

I was at my parents house and they asked me to replace the ink cartridge in their printer. Great, easy task! Open the package, not really noticing that it said HP Instant Ink. Plug it in and bam, the printer says on its little screen "...
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Yes it's Free, But Still...

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I'm not entirely sure if I have complained about this yet, so here we go. Back in 2009 the blog system here at DreamInCode did not have a way to upload images (or if there was, it eluded me at the time). I then uploaded images I had made for a few of the first data structure blog posts to Photobucket. These images had been up since 2009ish....
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Apache commons-io and filesystems

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Software is hard. When writing a Java program, you're already so far up the Jenga tower that is a modern computing system that when a lower brick causes you to question your sanity, it's something else.

It is possible for the file metadata to be updated before the file payload is updated accordingly. Let that sink in.

Consider a...
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Max Euclidean Distance Part III: Bearing Angle

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Part I
Part II

It turns out I was incorrect at the end of part II. There is in fact a polynomial time algorithm for this problem:

Courtesy of ishkabible and this question.

The algorithm is as follows:

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Max Euclidean Distance Part II: Subsets

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Continuing from the previous post, we now look at optimizing the algorithm for determining max euclidean distance from the origin:

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Max Euclidean Distance Part I: Brute Force

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Another interesting problem that eventually got locked.

You are on a 2D graph starting at the origin (0,0). Given n vector movements (x,y), what is the max euclidean distance...
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Maximum Common Range of k Intervals Given N Intervals

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This thread (help vampiracy aside) had a very interesting problem:

Given N intervals [a,b] and a number k, find the maximum common range of any k intervals.

This sounds like a computer science problem!

Some solutions to this problem space involve Interval Trees...
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Ticket To Ride Helper App: Tech Demo

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I originally came up with this idea over four years ago and after writing the shortest path algorithm, it fell off my radar, I got bored, so on and so forth. I got a wild hair this afternoon and I now present a tech demo of this concept. I have taken a modern map of Europe and overlaid the cities as found in the Ticket To Ride Europe...
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Apache Nifi Sensitive Value Encryption

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This post is for my sanity and posterity if anyone else runs across this issue in the future and does not have the good fortune to come across a mailing list archive from last February.

Apache Nifi...
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An In-Depth Look At Radix Trees

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Radix Trees

Continuing in the same solution space as the Trie, we now look at Radix Trees...

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