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School and programming

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Not even a week into school and i'm feeling that my program might be a little more neglected then I expected. Turns out that my Calc and Phyics classes each want to give me around 1.5-2.5 hours of homework a night. Well at least i'm learning right? I must say though my English teacher makes it all worth it by being so...
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My Game Blog

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Well I have decided to start posting things about my game, mostly because I just killed a bug that was slowly getting more and more ugly as I ignored it.

My game is still in very early development stages, but I have learned so much from it. This is the second game I have ever made, and the gap between the two games is huge. It went from a...
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First Post, Hello World

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Well I just remembered that DIC had this feature and decided to do a First Post, Hello World.

Ill add another more meaningful post as soon as I finish with this one.
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