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Learning Java Using - Random Number Game

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I have decided to learn Java with </> as my only learning resource :)

So far I have managed to choose an IDE and create my first Java program...
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Learning Java Using

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I decided that Dogstopper's game programming challenge was the perfect excuse to learn some Java. Then I had a thought, can I learn everything I need to know about beginning game programming in Java using only DIC?

I hit up the search bar to find out which IDE I should be using and came across a helpful topic, What IDE?...
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DS Homebrew Development - Part 3

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In my previous post I posted my proposed class design for wrapping up the horrible display list code used in libnds. It has taken a lot longer than I expected to get this class working correctly due to other projects taking precedence for a while.That said I have finished finally and it works great for the most part.

One headache I had was due...
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DS Homebrew Development - Part 2

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So after the success of my texture loading function I decided to try and load some meshes onto the DS. I already had some model loading classes I could convert to load files from the DS. First I needed to change my file loading class to use libnds' file loading library. This turned out to just be a case of changing the C++ code to straight C...
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DS Homebrew Development - Part 1

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I have made a good start to my DS development framework. The first task I decided to tackle was how to load in files from an external location on the DS card I am using (R4DS). Libnds has a way of packing the files in with the executable which is relatively easy but has a maximum of around 100kb of memory to use, in other words not very much at...
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DS Homebrew Development

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For a personal project I am writing some DS games and learning the ins and outs of programming on this unique platform. I'll keep updating my blog with tips and snippets for helping with development and showing the end product. So I hope its an enjoyable read for the people who are interested.

So i'll start with creating a...
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Server Side 3D Rendering Technology

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I have recently been reading about something exciting in the 3D graphics field, graphics that rival the latest hollywood blockbusters played out and rendered in realtime through your browser.

Sound impossible?

Those were my thoughts before some extensive research into these claims, AMD is developing some unbelievable GPU's. There is their...
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