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Short intro to memory

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I've always heard of the stack and heap, and being advanced topics, i tried not give them too much though

But here's a two quick bullet points which made the concepts really accessible
(taken straight from the book)

- When you call a method, the memory required for it's parameters and it's local variables is always acquired from...
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Checked vs Unchecked

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Something thats probably "well duh" for the majority of you but it's new for me.

For those of you like me here's how this works,

int's(for clarity signed 32-bit integers) have a range from -2147483648 to 214748367.
Simple enough right.

Now what happens when you add 1 to 214748367. Well before today i thought that was...
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Wise words

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Procrastination, like masturbation, is great until you realise you're only fucking yourself
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Connection Strings

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Slow progress but i learnt something today that i feel is worth writing up, storing connection strings in the app.config file.

As i beginner i've usually just hardcoded the connection straight into my class ( i create a sql class to group all my sql methods and handle opening and closing the connection etc). But this time i decided to look...
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Setting up the Initial tables

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So like i said in the previous entry, starting pretty small and so i'm not going into detail here, the description in the code comments is pretty self explanatory, will say that i'm running this in MS SQL 2012, if anyone wants to follow along

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Main Database creation

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so first step. Create the database

Since this is 1) a learning project and 2) always invisaged as being a small database, i'm not going to bother with splitting it over multiple files or storing the log and mdf on seperate disks. The main reasons you would do this is to gain performance benifits and increased protection from a disaster...
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Step 1

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Never done a blog before but what the hell.
I'm pretty much entry level at moment and this is gonna be my blog out of noobdom.

So feel free to comment on any thing that you feel can be improved or is complete idiocy.

My first project is a job tracker. The idea is that it will run on the intranet at work and it's going to be C# WPF front...
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