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Ruby on Rails

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I've finally came around and looked into Ruby on Rails, and man... wow.

The stuff I've been working on has been mostly python and php from the ground up, (well from the database to the client as oh so pretty html), and the
servers I've been running on haven't had an avenue to install a framework. So tough beans.

Anyway the...
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File transfer with XMLRPC

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Part of my project is a service where you upload your built RPM package directly into a repository.
XMLRPC facilitated this excellently with BASE64 encodings:

on the PHP XMLRPC server:

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Wiki wiki Wiki wiki

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So at work we are using Plone CMS for our documentation. Well, it sucks. No collaboration, revision control, seperate auth, bleh.

So we've been fussing for a wiki for a while and today I threw up a test one.

Moin Moin is in the Fedora Linux and EPEL repositories and is what Fedora project, gnome live, apache, and xen use for...
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Perl LDAP TLS Madness

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Currently I'm working on setting up a spam processing custer of computers.

All was going well untill I get to the point to test the content filter (amavis-new).
The user prefs for everyone's spam settings are stored in our openldap server.

When I give the filter the rcpt to line and it tried to do a look up, crash! the child...
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Fedora 7 Released

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Wow its been a whole Fedora version since I last blogged, coincidently about the same thing.

Anyways Fedora 7, (no more core, its all merged) was released today, and I've been following it all the way since test 2.
To go with their new version they've also released a new version of their website snazy.

So some...
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Fedora Core 6 Released

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Fedora Core 6 has just been released.

You can check it out at:

New Features are:
Compiz and AIGLX Framework for the Desktop
Dynanmic Linking preformance enhancements
Better performance for package managers, yum, pirut, and pup
IPv6 in Anaconda
Graphical XEN manager
Smartcard capabilities
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Python 2.5 Released

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Highlights include:
New Optimizations for faster exception handleing and string ops.
New language features like, with operator, new conditional expressions,
and new packages: ctypes, ElementTree, hashlib, sqllite3 and more


Looks like a lot of the stuff...
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BSD for Linux Users

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I found a pretty good article/rant that I thought was a pretty good read here, talking about FreeBSD, what it is, how it works, and how it is fundamentally different that linux, and other unixies.

Go take a look and get educated.

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