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Lemonade Stand Game - Update 1

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In my last post I promised that I will post some code of my Lemonade Stand game.

The following is what I have so far... the logic seems to be working (with a few mathematical bugs) and there is still lots of stuff to add so that it's at least playable. The code is split in several files as I am experimenting with how code can be efficiently...
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Learning Python and OOP by creating a game

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I challenge you to guess what my first Python program was! ... :P Yes, you were right! It was NOT a HelloWorld thingy! :D...
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Grasping OOP

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Object Oriented Programming or in short OOP is a whole different world altogether from traditional programming. When I thought that I had grasped the concept of OOP, I was wrong! When I finally did, OOP proved me wrong...again and again!

What was I doing wrong? :crazy:...
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Why Python?

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I always knew about Python's existence, but somehow in every article I read about it, I could not understand its power and what it could do.

This all changed when Google released their Google App Engine. I tried my hand at coding my first Google App, went through the Google tutorials, but could barely understand half of what I was doing....

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