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Using meteor js to create a quick application

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There was a link post not to long ago about the Meteor js stack...
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Using arduino uno to show numbers on 7-segment display

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I created this last night to understand the display.

Display pins

12345|||||----------|||||678910// Led control1- Middle2- Top Left3- Ground4- Top5- Top Right6- Bottom Left7- Bottom8- Ground9- Bottom Right10-Decimal Point
* * * * *

Promotion to forum leader, how it feels.

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Let me start by saying, "Woo Hooooo".

Now with that behind me I can get to the point of this post. I have been getting more and more involved in the site (D.I.C) since my graduation from school. I have done this because I realized that my time in school compared to the money I spent was ridiculous. I was taught the minimum allowed with...
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Using jQuery in Facebook, interesting find

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So, I am using jQuery in my new Facebook app and when I uploaded my code for a test I received a warning message in the console This came from the jQuery library hosted on google. It turns out it is accessed as http:// instead of https://...
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Family Manipulation using the jQuery library [ JQ3 ]

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Welcome to the next addition to my series on jquery. Here are the links to the previous enties [ JQ1] [ JQ2...
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Hands in the jQuery library [ JQ2 ]

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This is an addition to my first post here. My last post was a heads up on the jQuery library where this one will be getting your hands into jquery and it's syntax. Good luck and have fun!

What is jQuery?...
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Heads up on the jQuery library [ JQ1 ]

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What is jQuery?
jQuery is a Javascript library that makes writing Javascript code easier, faster, and cleaner. Think of it as a big script containing functions that you can call.

What do I need to know?...
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Facebook and Heroku web application startup

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What do I need?

Favorite PHP IDE or editor

Heroku Toolbelt ( )

Facebook user ( )
Facebook developer ( )
Heroku ( Created through Facebook)

Lets get started...
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Installing Codeigniter framework on hosting tips.

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Codeigniter Framework, my new nemesis.

I have been learning to use Codeigniter for a few weeks now and decided to host a site on using it. I was excited I had a reasonably good site built in a few days. Then I wanted to show it off so I uploaded the site and that is when the trouble started. Codeigniter, if you didn't already...
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Me and PHP

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I have been learning PHP for about two years. Most of what I have learned has been since I left school. I received an A.S. degree from a junior college in Computer Science, along with a certification as an "Internet Author" (I will leave the rant on the fore mentioned for another day).

During my PHP class I learned some very good items...

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