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The New Blog

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I realize I don't post here, but if anyone really cares to read my thoughts on random things, then check out my wordpress blog that I actually do write to.
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The Last Remnant - Why Square Failed at their Demo

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Let me preface this by saying the score went up.

It seems that some of the graphics got updated when they released the game. It adds a major difference to my score because now there are less colors and more features. Therefore, they get a +2. Why not a 5? Some of it is still poorly done and shows.

Score: 4/5

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AString 1.0

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OMG a post from me that involves code in what, several months? Almost a year? A year?

Anyways, on to the codez. I began a little side project for myself since school was ending. I decided that I was going to extend the std::string class into something I felt I could use. I have very few complaints with std::string, but I like a little bit more...
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I really should do more

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So, I've decided. It's time for me to actually DO MORE. That being said, I'm going to start tackling snippets and tutorials. Right now, I'm sitting on a multi dimensional array tutorial that covers pointes, array format and multidimensional vectors. Also, I'll be throwing up a snippet on a C++ version of instr. I think I may...
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HTML is foreign to Web Design - Really Now?

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So I started college for Web Tech and for some reason one of my first classes is Fireworks/Dreamweaver. So the teacher comes around to me, I mention I've had professional experience in web design and she asks how I make websites. I tell her, I use notepad++, Paint.NET and GIMP. For ten minutes, she stared at me incredulously...

So, given that...
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The Last Remnant - Square Enix Fucks Up

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I recently played The Last Remnant PC Trial and I thought I would share my thoughts. Let me start by saying that Square Enix has always been my goto for JRPGs. I mean, these are the FF Guys, so damn. End of story. However, The Last Remnant really falls short of what I've come to expect from Square. This is why.

NOTE: This is for the PC...
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Applications for Stacks - Boredom Inspired ++

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C++ Stack Cookbook
What the hell can you do with stacks?

Part 1: What this is...
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Programming Forray - Form Transparancy - VB

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Visual Basic Code Snippet
Control Form Transparancy with Mouse Movements...

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