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Linux Distribution Wizard: Leave your comment and I'll tell you which Linux is for you!

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goo So I was bored and though, "Hmm...a Linux Distribution Wizard would be nice!" But I'm lazy(and tired) so I decided to give you some questions and have you answer them!

1) Have you ever heard of Bash? (Y/N)

2) Do you know how to partition a hard drive? (Y/N)

3) Have you ever dealt with programming in any language?...
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Going to be gone for a bit..

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I'm going to be gone for a while, just thought I would let you guys know. About 2 weeks, I might try to stop in but it is doubtful I will.
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Text RPGs vs Regular RPGs, which one is more fun?

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Honestly, I like Text RPGs better. What's your opinion?
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PHP for n00bs - Why hash passwords and not encrypt them? Make a simple hashing program!

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For you n00bs out there, I thought I would make a little post on one of the hugest mistakes PHP n00bs make. Encrypt passwords instead of hashing them on their website.

Epic Comic Explaining Encryption:

Image reduced in size...
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What is the best way to get a job as a programmer, you ask?

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Lots of people have been asking me lately, "What is the best language to use to get a high paying job in the industry?". While most people would say C++ or C, I would say, "All of them, except Assembly". People would give me a dumbfounded look like I was insane. But honestly, in these times you really need to know everything to...
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