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Has it really been that long?

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Okay, I know it has been a while since I was on here. Work got busy, then I got busy looking for a new job. I still am in fact. As for my RPG Toolkit? Well, the gaming group I was in fell apart and I lost my motivation to work on the application. Since then I have found a new group and got my motivation back. And with my lack of a job currently, I...
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For those that have been wondering

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Campaign Manager is getting closer to being fully functional. It will now open, save, save as, and save all for all the internal frames. It will also ask if you would like to save any of the unsaved things before closing. I added in a notes window. I still have to implement creating a new campaign and opening saved campaigns, plug-in manager...
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Stupid computer here at work has a mandatory shutdown and the shutdown /a won't stop it, so I don't have long to talk.

Just stopped in to say that thanks to Martin Luther King Day (day off from work) I was able to put in some serious work on my Toolkit project. I am now able to load menus from XML files. Not only will the menu load from 1...
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Been a while

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So, it has been a while since I updated on here. Work has been taking up a LOT of time due to our deadline being soon. In fact, I shouldn't even be posting this right now, I should be working. But I am on lunch break, so who cares. I am still working on my Tabletop RPG Toolkit. I am currently trying to figure out how to create a menu based...
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Getting the touch to work

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So, I got my items in the mail this past week. Unfortunately, the LED ribbon didn't come in until Friday. Since my brother and father were in town this weekend, I didn't get to do anything with them until Sunday afternoon after they left. I did get to verify that they work and cut the frame to the plexiglass to fit inside of. There is a...
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Toolkit update

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I finally got tired of having the Dice Roller sitting at 50% when it is such an easy thing to make especially when the "hard part" (the actual dice rolling code) was done. So I went and created a GUI for it. Of course, to get it to load, I had to work on the Campaign Manager and get it to load Tools which is something I hadn't gotten...
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Because of people complaining

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Because people are complaining about the size of my signature, I moved the status info to here so I wouldn't have to hear their whining anymore.

Current Status of my projects are as follows:

RPG Toolkit
Campaign Manager: 50%________________________Dice Roller: 50%
Character Sheet (D&D 3.5): 40%_________________Combat Tracker:...
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By popular demand

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OK, so I have decided to start a blog due to a few comments by people in the Caffeine Lounge. So here it is. I don't really know what I am going to put on here, so don't except much from me. Probably will end up just being a status update about current projects or whatever else that is going on in my life that might be relatively...

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Project Status

RPG Toolkit:
Campaign Manager: 98%
Character Sheet (D&D 3.5): 65%
Character Sheet (Shadowrun): 20%
Character Sheet (Risus): 99%
Shop Tool (D&D 3.5): 75%
Data Browser/Entry (D&D 3.5) 0%
Dice Roller: 99%
Combat Tracker: 0%
Mapper: 50%
Language Creation: 1%
Website: 25%

Multi-touch Table:
Table: 90%
Mutli-touch Panel: 90%

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