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Technical difficulties, still plugging away

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For anyone who might be following along, I've been having a bit of a time getting the dev environment set up on my new system. The problem is more that, for some reason, UE4 just causes me to blue screen. I'm inclined to blame ATI though, I'm pretty sure it's something to do with having the 4 r290x cards xfired.

So I'm still...
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Hardware Limitations

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So I spent some time messing around in UE4 last week as promised. Unfortunately, what I found is that my computer just wasn't up to the job. Amazing, because it's a pretty beefy computer. 16gb RAM, 8-core AMD FX-8140, and a Radeon HD 7970. It only got bad though when I loaded a large number of objects.

So I started building a new...
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Unreal Engine 4 - Initial Impressions

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Last week I said I was going to subscribe to Epic's UE4 package. I did, and spent most of the weekend with it. I really liked it, actually. There are pros and cons to discuss, but the cons can be kinda big ones so I'm going to lay those out first.

- not intuitive
- little documentation
- massively resource intensive
- somewhat...
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My Commitment - Week 1

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I've been milling over concepts for a game for years. Only in the past month or so, though, have I put a foot forward to begin realizing the creation of this game.

And progress has been slow.

This relevant Reddit post discusses what the author calls the "Indie Shame Spiral." Already I recognize it. I sit down at my computer...
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My Journey into Web Services with SOAP

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So for the past few days I've been on a mission. About a month ago my boss asked me if we could use our in-house application (for which I'm the sole coder) to send updates to our ticketing system.

I explained that the ticketing system would need to be abe to receive the information, and I'd need to take a look to see what's...
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Learning Flash as a (Somewhat) Experienced Programmer

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So as I decided to move in to using Flash, I had a series of questions. These questions I asked initially in the Flash & AS3 Forum Tutorial Request thread, with a series of questions which I decided to answer as I learned.

I am by no means an expert at any of this, mind you, but this is as good a springboard as I've found.

So, to get...

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