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A concept game based on tetris, but replacing tetrominoes with pentominoes. I've seen some games in play on youtube that utilized a few pieces of pentominoes. However, I couldn't find any game that took the next step and utilized all pentominoes/only pentominoes. So I wrote it myself. I used photoshop to colorshift all the pieces the same...
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GameState implementation

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Side note, I put a short, soundless video up of my Pong on youtube. At this point I will consider it "finished" until my personal libraries are increased. GPong on youtube...
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GrexelGameSystem + Pong

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After about 2 weeks of programming, I managed to put together a Pong game that my GGS can run. I started by extending some of my package classes for the Paddle and PongBall. After a few iterations(proof of concept, computer player, multiple players), I'm close to completion. Upon opening G-Pong, the user is presented with a selection screen...
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Game System Overview

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In the beginning of this project I was looking to make a video game for a friend. I started using Flash but found it limiting. I wanted a setup I could use game pads. I also wanted one that could be run like ZSNES, with system/input configuration. So, being as how I was most proficient in Java, and had already written some programs that were game...

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