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The Skybox

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So we've basically covered how to make a functional terrain, but just turning the background blue may not make for a very convincing "sky". This next algorithm is probably the most simple, but is so commonly used in 3D games that it may be one of the more important ones.

Basically, a skybox is just a big cube that is textured with a...
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Terrain Erosion

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We've come a long way in procedural terrain generation from the "Brute Force Terrain" algorithm to "Fault Line Terrain Generation". But the problem with Fault Line terrain generation is that it produces a "mountain range" of terrain that is all but completely un-usable.

Now we're going to talk about an...
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Terrain Collision

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Well, I had not really intended to make this blog about generating terrains, although so far that's exactly what its become. But since I'm on a roll, I might as well go all the way with it.

Probably the primary thing we are missing at this point is collision detection with the terrain. I've seen a whole lot of terrain tutorials on the...
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Fault Line Terrain Generation

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There are several ways to generate a terrain including the Diamond-Square algorithm. However, the "Fault Line" algorithm is very simple and very useful, especially when you apply a filter to simulate natural terrain corrosion to smooth out the results.

I'm going to primarily discuss this as a continuation of this series from the...
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Maps: Using Image Files to Store Data

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This is a 2D, I mean 3D, algorithm. Actually, it's both. I'll explain why.

I started to discuss Height Maps as they pertain to the terrain we discussed in the "Brute Force Terrain" algorithm and realized that maps are much more ubiquitous than just height maps.

As a programmer, I'm sure you're familiar with arrays....
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Brute Force Terrain

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Now, one of the first things that I wanted to do when I got into 3D game programming, was have some ground to walk on. You could just throw a flat plane model down at ground level, keep the camera at exactly some height above that, move the camera around, and call it ground. But in 3D, we often want to see some hills and such.

I really struggled...
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A new blog.

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So, I'm thinking I should start doing a blog here on Dream in Code, but then the obvious question is "What should I talk about?" It seems like there are infinate options and pretty much all of them are boring. What could I write that people might be interested enough in that they would want to read what I have to say.

So after...
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