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I feel like a noob...

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Ha, seriously!

I know its been a while since I've actually blogged, though I have on another blog for my university studies (Studypedia...
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Why Use CSS

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Welcome to the second entry to the mini-series...
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Introduction into the Mini Series

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Hi and welcome to the first part of my HTML & CSS mini-series...
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New Tutorial

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So guys, do you think it would be useful to write up a tutorial of some sorts on basic HTML & CSS?

Basically, what I am hoping to cover, is the understandings and structure of it all. For example, explaining what a DIV layer is, and where and how content, padding, border and margin is used.

Or perhaps a series in this blog...

Let me know.
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Update #2

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Sorry I cannot think of anything more imaginative for the title.

Either way, I've re-uploaded my images so my tutorial now is complete (once again).
Hopefully, I should complete my flash tutorial in the next few weeks (if it is not too warm for PC work).

So many things going on... but I am enjoying it :-D

Does anyone else like Funk? ...
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Back With A Vengence (?)

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Hej (if you're swedish :-D)

I'm really thinking of coming back to DIC, especially as that I am about to have more free time.
Not only that, but since I am going into a lot more computer programming in the next several years of my life, I think it would be best if I got stuck back into the community again.

So, once I get home, I'll...

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