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Basic Math 101 ~ [1] Algebra Basics

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I think this will help a lot of people in coding because it does take mathematics to code intriguing and exquisite applications. First off, this isn't going to be 2+2 math. This is going to be difficult math, that involves actually thinking to comprehend. Sorry, I will not be teaching you how to add or subtract.

Algebra ~~

In this lesson I...
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Getting rid of Chrome's Orange Outline

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They didn't want this in Snippets, so I'll just post this bad boy in here as my first code snippet in this beautiful blog.

It's really simple actually, a lot of browsers like Safari also do this, and when not disabled, can ruin the professional air about our website.

:focus    {outline: 0;}
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Just learned about this blog thing...

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I've been running around this forum for quite a while, and only just recently did I learn about these blogs. Now, this stuff seems pretty neat. I will being posting in here quite a bit, if not, then well, sorry. I hope to stay around here for a while, and post some neat blog items and code snippets that aren't necessarily approved of in...
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