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Another Fun Filled Day

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It's been a while since I've posted anything here.
Since my last blog post, here, I've switched jobs. I no longer do work as a web master, but rather, a web applications developer. It's a great job. I'm always learning more every day - which is one of the reasons why I left the last job. It got stale, and I wasn't...
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Once upon a midnight dreary.....

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If you celebrate Halloween, you'll be happy to note that this year's celebration is also my 14th wedding anniversary. That's right, kiddies, I was married on Halloween.

Saturday, October 31st, 1998 at ~ 14:30PM EST - the future Mrs. MB2000INC and I tied the knot, got hitched, took the plunge, and for other references - permanently...
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I'm sick and tired.....

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Being sick sucks. I currently have this cold that is wiping the floor with me. Sadly, since I don't have any vacation time at work - for another couple of weeks, I'm forced to stick it out and complain to you people.... By "you people", I mean... you really cool people. Because, well, otherwise it would sound like I was...
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Me, Myself and... that guy in the corner.

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