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Spotify on Linux (temporary bugfix with the command alias)

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Hi there, as some of you know the music program Spotify has a preview Linux version out.

The instruction on how to download and install are here...
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The future of QT on mobile

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I'm sorry that I have not posted that much in my blog since I started it, one post and then the blog died... I will try to do a new start and hopefully write once a week or so from now on and I hope that some people find it interesting to read

Nokia recently introduced Nokia N8...
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Hello World

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Hello DreamInCode readers, this is my "Hello World" blog post!

I'm not sure what to write about just yet but I think there might be some general thought about hardware, software and programming. I haven't blogged before so it will be a new experience and hopefully a good one! Have to do some school work now...
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