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Project Aperantos

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So we've all been messing around down here at good ole New Mexico Tech, playing FFIX and got severely distracted by the card game. We eventually wanted to remake the card game for computers, then decided that was too simple of a project, then messed around with some M:TG, wanting to make that. We were then confronted by the problem of...
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It's so wonderful to finally get back into programming. My class back in high school was somewhat tacky, and I was so focused on my other studies that I didn't have much time for it and I was also at the same time somewhat burnt out over the summer. Now that I'm down at tech and got my first real assignment, I was so excited I...
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Selective Service

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So I just registered....*shudder*.
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So my parents are out of town for a few days to Las Vegas (25th anniversary), and they say that no company is allowed at our house.
So, the first thing my brother does is invite 4 of his friends over to the house; and THEN, then I have to pay for dinner for them, because all of a sudden my mother says it's ok for my 16 year old brother to...
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So I've been sans ma cherie for about two weeks now while she's been in Europe.

You ever hear that phrase "you don't know what you got till it's gone"? Well, of course you have; and I suppose it doesn't really apply totally to my current situation, but I'm feeling pretty alone w/o her. There's an upside,...
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Sloth's Mom

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What kind of woman must she be to produce the sexiest sexi mexi of them all?

Stay tuned for more deep thoughts, only in Videege's Corner.
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It's alive!

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Cool stuff...eventually this blog will contain random rants, ideas, and expositions on programming and beyond.
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