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Back at it!

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Well I have been thinking (mostly while sitting 15 feet in the air in the woods) and I want to start on something very simple, I am shelfing the gold miner idea for now and im gonna go with a classic space shooter top scrolling game, very simple..
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Hunting Season

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Havnt been able to do anything yesterday, today or tomorrow.. Bow season started, unless I bag me a nice one in the morning, going to hit this hard starting monday I hope...
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My first Ideas

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Well, had pool league tonite, went 2 and 2, not too bad since I really havn't played in 2 years.

So, game concepts..

I thought that maybe for my first game I should do a remake of a current game, get the feel, then work on something more advanced and fresh.

I played a game once, it was called gold digger or something like that, anyway I...
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The start of it all!

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Hrmm.. Ok, well I just found this site so I am going to try to use it as much as possible as it seems everyone is pretty nice and does not look down on people for asking questions.

A little about me..

I have a 10+ year background with Perl, HTML, etc.. I know, pretty archaic, but I have ventured into the land of Java, I have watched pretty much...

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