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Statistical Calculators

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I made a statistical calculator as an assignment. It can sort values, calculate average, median and mode, or either standard deviation depending on what button you press. Here's a screenshot:

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I'm back for good/Prime Number Generators/Pinochle

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First off, I'd like to say that I'm sorry I was gone so long and that I'm going to post a blog entry at least once a month from now on no matter what.

Also, the next version of my prime number generator is out now that I fully understand arrays. Here it is in all its 49 lines of glory:

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I'm making two RPGs! One text-only and one JApplet based.

The first one is gonna be a spin off the whole end of the world thing (which isn't really gonna happen) on December 21 for my final project in high school Basic Programming. I'm gonna use classes for the main menu (separate from the game itself because the main menu uses...
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I just created my first applet!!! (I really just made a slight change to the example applet in my code book)

Its programmed to display the String " Thomas is awesome " scrolling from right to left. Its 300 in width and 50 in height. (Thomas is my first name, and the String's message is what was changed from the example...
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I'm Back and Making Unbreakable Code

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First of all, I'd like to say that I'm sorry that I haven't made an entry for two whole weeks, but I'm posting again.

Now for the core of the entry.

This past week I've been continuing to learn java outside of my class (currently at generics), but I've been primarily focusing on perfecting exception handling. My...
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char Variables

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Yesterday in my Basic Programming class, I had need of the symbol pi to do some math in order to write code for circle statistics. Since I couldn't find the Ascii number for pi online, I wrote code to display all char values with their number equivalent:

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Pre-Alpha Testing Code Complete For A Medieval Text Adventure!

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I have finally finished coding for my text adventure!!! Now I need to alpha test, which should be done by Friday, and then have others beta test (if you're interested in beta testing, please message me, and after I finish alpha testing, I'll PM you the code to compile and beta test, as well as specific things to watch out...
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A Medieval Text Adventure: Update

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I have succeeded with my buffered line reader tests!!! Now I'll be working voraciously trying to get it finished, implementing my complex series of nested if-else-if ladders that serve as the control for position and input detection.

Here's a screenshot of one of my succesful tests:


Also, on a side note, my...
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A Medieval Text Adventure version 0.5

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Time for an on-topic entry.

Well, I've decided to use substrings and a buffered string reader for my text adventure. I haven't implemented my string reader yet, but here's version 0.5 of my text adventure:

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Well, this is a little off topic for this blog, but I've decided that I need to say this:

Reputation really shouldn't be given or taken away as much in the nightmare in code, games, caffeine lounge, corner cubicle, student campus, etc. This is because posts here will be less valuable by nature, and carry less weight. You might want to...

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