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Why we won't write your code for you

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This is a problem that seems to come up quite often, and I thought it would be good to address it.

Often times people will come on the board and say "I need code that does this", or "Somebody write me a function that ______". This is often replied to with a snarky comment, usually with the board rules quoted. Specifically,...
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A Lesson in Coding Efficiently

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Be forewarned. This post looks a lot longer than it is. There are just a lot of code samples.

Hello again everyone. While answering some questions in the PHP forum, I came upon a post that I actually learned a lot from. A poster had a question about striping a string of all characters except those that were numeric. After some revisions, the...
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Manage Tasks Efficiently w/ Remember the Milk

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I'm a big fan of productivity tips and other information that will make my life easier. I am a full time university student, work in the university's machine learning lab, run a small freelance business, and have a personal life. Needless to say, life gets pretty hectic at times, and I'm sure it's the same for you. Wouldn't...
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How to get better help on DIC

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I posted this as a thread in the PHP forums, but in case it gets lost in the masses I wanted a copy on the blog for everyone to reference. Below is the original post


Looking on the forums, I see a lot of stumbling around trying different things before a solution to a problem is...
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Resources for Projects - Beginners

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Hey everyone. While cruising the forums I've noticed a few recurring themes. There seem to be a lot of people who want to tackle big projects, but don't seem to have the prior knowledge necessary. Before starting to build that MMORPG, turn based browser game, enterprise application or whatever, ask yourself a few questions. Do I know...
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On choosing a school, part 1

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I've been reading through some posts on this forum and others, and I'm seeing a lot of questions regarding picking a good university to go to after high school. I'd like to share with you my experiences in schooling, as well as offer suggestions for choosing a school for yourself. I only have experience with US based school systems,...
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On the importance of planning

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The following article was made available through DIC's June newsletter. I wanted to post it here for those of you who have not received the newsletter and wish to read it.


While cruising on the forums Iíve noticed that a lot of people are having problems...
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