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Moving Away from OpenOffice?

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Recently it's been a little more apparent that OpenOffice seems a little stagnant. It has all the feature I'll need for say, my studies, but it seems a little too slow and bulky for a personal word processor (I'm only gonna be talking about OOo Writer) so I took a look into two alternatives:

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Improving the look of your Java apps

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Want to make your Java programs look better but without having to write a heap of code? Well I say "No more!" to this abomination and help you help your selves.Afte r searching around for a while for my own projects I come across three libraries which consistently grab my attention:

(This one doesn't improve the look but...
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Learning Your Next Language

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A common question for people is "what language should I learn?", sounds easy enough doesn't it? But in reality is really hard. You have 3 basic other questions to answer: "Do I want to learn about the computer?", "Do I want to learn about how other languages do things?" or "Do I just want to learn something...
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While looking through some of my old Linux magazines I noticed a section on buying Linux PCs. It compared them, gave pros and cons of each and the one they chose was the best from there selection of about 6 computers was the EfficientPC Wraith...
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The Evolving Application

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What if the software on you computer could change dramatically with its own recommendation to suit your needs better? What if it could preform self compilation to change it's very binary to add a feature or take one away or enhance a feature? Ever since I started working on an IDE (which I actually won't be going through with) compilation...
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