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Client XML Processing Engine

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So for the past month or so I've been working on a Framework that is database driven and can take in any XML file and based on the client, choose a dynamic object mapper, and based on the keys in each item in the XML file choose a Parser, then it uses the parser to export information from the file to a CSV. It's not completely finished,...
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Image Opacity Alteration

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I have searched all over the internet for something explaining how to alter an images opacity, since the "Image" object doesn't have an Opacity property. I've finally found a piece of code written in C# located here Change Opacity of Image, that I've transformed into VB.Net, to use in one of my applications.

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Random List Generator

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Today I created a random list generator that can take in any list containing strings, and randomize them in what seems to me to be a True Random Number generator. I know true random generation really doesn't exist, but for the way I did it, it is pretty difficult to get the same results multiple times. I've run probably 150 tests today...
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