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Linkers to MSDN; You'll like this

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It has no doubt been a while since I blogged, I am lazy. I've found it is pretty useful to link to MSDN when providing advice to users, but have often been too lazy to bother to go all the way over to their site just for link love.

So I developed this:

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Experimenting with BF

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It's been a little while since I've blogged but rest assured the time I actually have without maths homework is, in my opinion spent wisely (e.g. Relaxing). But I have recently been experimenting with a language called BF recently, and I have found it to be a very exciting language as it really requires that you plan out your applications...
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DICWriter v0.1 Released!

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DICWriter v0.1

DICWriter is an open-source BBCode IDE coded in C# for Dream In Code users. The aim of the project is to encourage the creation of larger tutorials for authors, and for posts that need to be answered over and over again, like how we don't hand out code to those that don't provide their own, etc.

Image reduced in size

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Set the brightness of a Laptop through VB.NET

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Ever needed to dim a screen down programmatically to save power while a lengthy operation completes its task? Ever needed to make the screen brighter because users were having difficulty viewing your application, or you just wanted to piss the user off fading the screen in and out of brightness to prompt the user for input?

Either way, all three...
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Get/Set Window Text using the WINAPI and C#

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Welcome to this entry on Getting / Setting window text on external applications using the Windows API, in C#. I have recently been playing with the WINAPI functions, and found them quite intriguing, and thought I'd share my experiences with you, as everyone likes a good hax every now and then just to satisfy curiosity. I apologise for this not...
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Dotfuscator - An awesome solution to disassemblers

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Welcome to this entry of Satan Eats Cheese Whiz! This is a relaunch of my old blog, with the purpose of being more purposeful. But with that aside, lets delve into the magical world of disassembling and decompiling.

Ever programmed a C#, VB.NET or MC++ application, where it's contents needed to be kept absolutely secret, as its code had...

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