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FindControl generic methods

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After months of grinding the knowledge and concievable possibilities (which aint too much on my part :) ), I have developed a series of methods, that i am using on a project atm, that allows me to access a property for a WebControl, Control, or specific property for a control through Generics Hierarchy.

Below i will list the core and the supports...
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Gradiant Borders

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Here is a little something something for you all looking to do gradiant borders. This may not fit everyones taste but you can use it to partially what you are looking for.

I personally am using this XAML as a backdrop template for my Silverlight apps, when doing stuff like Login overlays, or ad-hoc data entry that requires immediate information...
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Silverlight Tutorial - Pt 1

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Full Disclosure
This is a feeder tutorial from the original post by Mike Snow

Live example that this Tutorial was build off of: Silverlight 3D Test

Development Environments
  • Visual Studio (2005, 2008, Express)
  • Silverlight 3 development addons
  • XAML Editor (if using 2005 & Express)
  • Alot of patience
Terms to Remember
  • ...
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SilverLight 3D namespace

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Well started a project on codeplex to develop a 3D silverlight application library. you can goto
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PBBG dev

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Well, started looking at several different version of the PBBG's out there for potential implementation into a website for gamers to play. So far this PHP PBBG is not very involved so i could help develop and grow this new form of gaming into a productive version of the old MUD's. Gonna try and port the technology used in the old MUDs to...
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ROM24 Conversion

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Well today i have started looking at portability of ROM2.4 into the .Net framework. CPP picks up the language reference but CS and VB are not going so well. Thinking of making the VB code the area modification application with the CPP/CS being the actual engine.

BTW, any MUDers out there that have done some GCC coding?
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VB Generics

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As most of us know by now, Generics are allowed in Visual Basic. As well, there have been many posts and questions on this topic. I will review all of these types with what knowledge i know about Generics and how to best use them.

Generics and Why!...
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